DIAMOND TAIL: This shape moves the release point forward, essentially shortening the outline and rail rocker. This is particularly advantageous when a contest limits you to a 9-0 minimum and your 9-0 diamond has only 8-10 of rail line. An even tighter radius turn is the result, but with a little less drive than the squash or square.

SQUARE TAIL: Provides the cleanest water release plus a corner that provides the best bite. The best drive (forward thrust from pushing down on the rail) is obtained with this shape.


PINTAIL: Has a continuous curve coming to a point at the tip. This shape has the easiest connection from front to back side turn but has the least drive.

SWALLOW TAIL: These tails when the tips are in the normal 4”-5” range will produce a very similar feel to the square tail. When they are very far apart, such as a FISH style (shown here), the outline becomes very straight and the drive is accented.


SQUASH TAIL: Is nothing more than a square tail with the corners rounded, thus softening the bite and drive of the square, but also making the turn a little smoother  and tighter.